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Blurry vision treatment in Sunset Park

Sunset Park vision care
Sunset Park vision care

Maybe you need glasses. Is your vision blurry? Perhaps you have headaches from straining your eyes or you are squinting a lot when trying to see something far away. Our Sunset Park vision care is committed to helping you see your very best. And with an eye exam, Dr. Eng can determine if you might benefit from eyeglasses.

Nearsightedness and farsightedness are common vision issues, both of which can be corrected easily with glasses from our Sunset Park vision care. The same goes for astigmatism. Or perhaps you have two or even all three. If so, no problem. We have bifocal and multi-focal lenses, as well as single vision. An eye exam consists of various tests including reading from an eye chart, a refraction test, and gauging your peripheral (side-to-side) eyesight. Even if you already wear eyeglasses, you might be able to benefit from an updated prescription. One that is no longer meeting your current vision needs is of little use. And in some cases, such as when you need glasses for driving, it can be dangerous to use a prescription that is outdated.

The optical department of our Sunset Park vision care will fill your prescription promptly and accurately. We carry all kinds of lenses including polycarbonate (which resist scratching and breakage), anti-glare, and high index, which give you the benefit of thinner lenses even for stronger prescriptions. We also have progressive lenses, giving you all the advantages of bifocals but without the unsightly line across it. In addition, progressive lenses give you truer multi-focal vision, with significant improvement between near and far.

And we will also help you to select a pair of great-looking designer frames to put them in. No matter what your taste is, we have something that you’re going to love. We have frames to suit every budget, every facial shape, and every skin tone. Select form well-known and trusted names that include J. Lo, Sofia Loren, and Randy Jackson among others. The only hard task might be narrowing down your choice to just one. Our Sunset Park vision care also provides free lifetime adjustments for your glasses. Call us today and schedule your eye exam to get the ball rolling.

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