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Are you suffering from vision problems associated with cataracts? Often times cataracts will develop with aging, but even though you may be dealing with symptoms, surgery may not yet be an option for you. If you are wondering whether a cataract corrective surgery is right for you and your vision needs, the first step is with a cataract evaluation from your local Paradise Nevada optometrist. Our team at the state of the art offices of Joseph Eng, OD can provide you with a precisely accurate evaluation of your current stage of this optical disease in order to begin a personalized mode of treatment to help treat and protect your sight.

Family Eye Care Paradise Nevada
Family Eye Care Paradise Nevada

Cataracts is a disease which progresses at different rates for everyone, and goes through many different stages as it grows in severity. When this happens, symptom change and grow, as do the modes of your treatment for this potentially damaging optical disease. As cataracts proceed without treatment or care, they will only begin to grow worse, and can eventually cause permanent loss of sight. In the beginning cataracts often do not show any symptoms, but as they develop, you may experience cloudy and blurry vision, changes in your ability to see color, difficulty with glare from sources of light, double vision, and difficulty driving at night. You may also experience sudden changes in your optical prescription with any current optical conditions you may have. The only way to be sure what stage of cataracts your symptoms currently stand for is with a precise cataracts evaluation from your trusted Paradise Nevada optometrist to properly determine the correct course of treatment for your eyes.

The latest advances in technology can work for your sight through corrective eye surgery for those with a severe case of cataracts whose eyes are approved for care. There is a wealth of information available to you through online resources, however, the only way to know for sure is with a cataract evaluation. These exams from your professional Paradise Nevada optometrist work to provide exact measurements of your epithelial layer of your eyes, which is the most vital piece of information in determining whether or not your eyes are fit for surgery.

Cataracts require personalized care and regular appointments to properly monitor and treat the disease as it develops. For this you need a personalized professional Paradise Nevada optometrist who is available around your busy schedule. For a convenient mode of care for your cataracts and other optical disease, you can bring your optical health care needs to offices of Joseph Eng, OD. Dr. Eng has been proudly caring for his patients for over 30 years. His level of experience is one you can trust with the complex needs of cataracts care.

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