North Las Vegas eye test

North Las Vegas Eye Test

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Eye doctor’s office in North Las Vegas

Good eye health for life starts with comprehensive eye care from our Carlsbad, NM vision care practice. Dr. Joseph Eng, OD has the training, experience and resources to guide your eyes through all phases of life. From a comprehensive North Las Vegas eye test to detection and treatment of eye diseases our practice has your family covered with the most experienced team of eye care professionals.

Our office is equipped with the latest in optical technology to conduct a North Las Vegas eye test to both diagnose and treat the whole spectrum of eye disorders including high definition digital imaging equipment to track and photograph the functioning of various parts of the eye and several lasers to assist in eye surgery. Our doctor assists patients who are suffering from a variety of eye problems and symptoms including blurry vision, eye redness, itching, scratches, irritations, floaters, headaches, eye strain and even sudden vision loss. These are often emergency office visits where time is of the essence to treat these eye problems.

Since many any potentially devastating eye diseases develop without symptoms until they have reached a stage where vision is affected. Our comprehensive North Las Vegas eye test is the only way to detect these diseases early in their development. Among the full range of medical ophthalmological services our practices performs is glaucoma screening and management, diabetic retinopathy screening, emergency eye care for injuries and trauma, LASIK evaluations, eye surgery for the complete range of eye conditions, cataract surgery and pediatric eye care. Our optical shop carries hundreds of fashionable frames from many of the top designers, which we fit with the highest quality lenses to fulfill our doctor’s vision prescription including those prescriptions for more serious vision conditions. Likewise, our optical shop stocks a complete range of soft and gas permeable contact lenses including many hard to find specialty lenses. Make an appointment with our practice for the finest in eye care.

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