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Multifocal eyeglass lenses in North Las Vegas

If you are nearsighted or farsighted, your eyeglasses will be single vision, or monofocal. However, it is not at all uncommon to have both nearsightedness and farsightedness, either with or without astigmatism. And when that occurs, you’ll need either bifocal, trifocals, or progressive lenses. Here at the office or Joseph Eng, OD, our North Las Vegas eye shop is fully stocked with everything you need.

Bifocals are noticeable by the slight but visible line that runs across the center of them. The reason they are there is that the top half contains a prescription for distance vision. Focus your eyes above the line and you’re seeing better at things that are farther away. Focus below the line and you’re getting the prescription that helps you to read or to see your computer or mobile device more clearly. Trifocals are similar, except that they have a third section, marked by a second line in the lenses. This is so that your astigmatism is also addressed. So you may be wondering what progressive lenses are for. At our North Las Vegas eye shop, we pride ourselves on meeting all the needs and preferences of our customers. We’re all about making various options available. Progressive lenses don’t have the lines on them, like bifocals and trifocals do. So some people find them to be more aesthetically appealing. In addition, the technology that goes into them ensures that in addition to improved close-up and distance vision, you also get that increased sharpness in the intermediate range, something that regular bifocals and trifocals are lacking.

You’ll find that we take your vision needs seriously here at our North Las Vegas eye shop. Just contact us to arrange an appointment to come in for your eye exam. We look forward to being instrumental in improving how well you are able to see.

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