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Cataract evaluations in North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas eye care
North Las Vegas eye care

Here at the office of Joseph Eng, OD, we are dedicated to promoting your optimal eye health. To do that, we need your help. Come in for our North Las Vegas eye care and get a cataract evaluation as part of a yearly comprehensive eye exam.

Cataracts are just one of the common eye diseases that we address here. They are often considered to be associated with aging, and indeed more than half the cases are in those 65 and older. But the risk is still there at any age, and because the formation and progression of cataracts begins without any obvious symptoms, by taking advantage of our yearly cataract evaluation, you put the odds in your favor for the most effective results in counteracting the effects the disease has on your vision. Unlike other conditions, cataracts do not threaten your eye physically. However, blurry or cloudy vision, as if there is a film over your eyes, are typical of the signs that you’re likely to have. You might also experience problems when driving at night, especially due to the glare of oncoming headlights. Changes in your perception of colors is also possible. Evaluation for the disease includes a complete checkup, along with a special test called a slit lamp exam, which is designed specifically to detect cataracts. If you are diagnosed with them, our North Las Vegas eye care prescribes eyeglasses or contact lenses that will improve your vision. Over time, you may need an update to your prescription in order to stay even with the cataracts increasing in quantity and size. If you reach a point where corrective eyewear is no longer good enough to provide the needed results, you will be recommended for cataracts surgery.

Please reach out to our office and book an appointment to come in for a comprehensive eye exam and cataract evaluation.

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