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Eye Exam Las Vegas

Last year, Walmart-affiliated optometrists in Las Vegas assisted over 45,000 patients with outstanding eye care services, advice, and products. With thirteen locations in Las Vegas and its surrounding areas, a Walmart Vision Center is close by to you! Whether you desire a comprehensive eye exam, a consultation for LASIK surgery, or treatment of an eye condition or infection, our Las Vegas eye doctors are prepared to help with all your visual needs.

Henderson Nevada Eye Exams
Henderson Nevada Eye Exams

With our superior customer service and knowledgeable staff, our Las Vegas Optometrists can help you maintain clear, comfortable and healthy vision. The independent optometrists and the Walmart Vision Center associates work as a team to provide a complete eye care experience. Come visit us and choose from our large selection of eyeglass frames. We offer a variety of materials and brand name frames, as well as high quality lenses including high-index and polycarbonate.

Mostly important though, our Walmart affiliated optometrists perform eye exams. For your regular Las Vegas eye exam, testing will including an evaluation of visual acuity, eyeglass prescription, external and internal eye health and pressures. We will also test the accuracy of your focus, tracking and two-eye coordination. We’ll sit down with you to discuss the results of these tests, as well as your visual needs and demands and the risks and options involved in all treatments.

Dr. Joseph Eng OD
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