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In order for you to get the most out of your glasses, it’s important for the prescription to be meeting your current vision needs. That should seem obvious, but surprisingly, many people are walking around wearing glasses that are outdated and not well suited to their requirements right now. In addition, the more comfortable your glasses are when you have them on, the more positive you will feel about them. Our Las Vegas eye doctor, Joseph Eng, OD, in conjunction with our optical department, will make certain that the eyeglasses you get from us are both comfortable and up to date.

Your vision is in a state of near continual evolution. What was ideal for you a year ago may be only adequate now. Or it may be doing you little or even no good. That not only compromises your vision, but it can be dangerous. If you need corrective lenses to drive for example, having an outdated prescription is a hazard for you, your passengers, and other drivers. You could also develop headaches or eye strain as a result of a prescription that is no longer meeting your needs. And while there is no direct relationship between seeing well and comfort, there is definitely one between wearing your glasses when you need to and comfort. Think about it. How often do you wear a pair of slacks that don’t fit you well? Chances are, not very often. And so it is with glasses. So after our Las Vegas eye doctor has written your prescription, and while our optical department fills it, we will also ensure that your glasses are neither too tight nor too loose. No one wants their nose pinched, or glasses digging into their ears. And by the same token, glasses should not be falling off your face or jiggling around while you’re trying to read, for example.

Schedule a good time for you to come in and get an examination from our Las Vegas eye doctor. You can be confident that your glasses will give you sharp, clear vision and a good fit.

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