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Treating astigmatism in Henderson

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Dealing with any kind of vision impairment will take work and regular upkeep. In order to make sure that you are always able to see at your absolute best, you will need to make certain that you schedule routine eye exams and vision screenings. This way, your prescription needs will always be up to date. With your new prescription you will be able to choose the lenses you need in order to see clearly, but when it comes to treating astigmatism, you may be limited in the options that you have. Here at our Henderson eye shop, our eye doctor Joseph Eng, OD can help you attain perfect 20/20 vision with astigmatism.

Most vision problems occur as a result of differently shaped corneas. The cornea is very much like the lens of the eye; it is the clear, curved portion of the eye just over the pupil. The curvature of the cornea affects how light passes through it, thus affecting how clearly images are seen when they are received and registered by the retina, located at the back of the pupil and is responsible for relaying images to the brain. A person with perfect vision will have corneas that are perfectly dome shaped, but people with vision impairment problems have differently shaped corneas. For instance, someone who is nearsighted will have a cornea that is more conical and a person who is farsighted will have a cornea that is flatter. Astigmatism can be tricky though, as it is neither one nor the other and can be a bit of both. Because of this, astigmatism sometimes requires certain treatments. Our eye doctor Joseph Eng, OD here at our Henderson eye shop can help treat astigmatism by providing you with the proper prescription lenses. Most glasses will work just fine, but you may need specific contact lenses such as soft toric lenses, gas-permeable or hybrid lenses.

Because people with astigmatism have a particularly unique eye shape, they may require special treatment. Here at our Henderson eye shop, Joseph Eng, OD can provide you with the complete vision care that you need and deserve.

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