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Cataract Eye Exams Henderson

Here at the office of Dr. Joseph Eng, some of our most important services are our Henderson eye disease testing procedures. One of the most common eye conditions that we test for and treat is the development of cataracts. A cataract is a gradual clouding over of the lens of your eye, which usually develops over several years. Cataracts most often occur in older patients, over the age of about sixty or so. Cataracts can lead to vision loss if they are not caught early enough and treated properly, so it is important to visit Dr. Joseph Eng for regular Henderson eye disease testing, especially on a more frequent basis as you grow older. If you notice symptoms of a cataract, you should also visit Dr. Eng as soon as possible. Many people describe having a cataract as looking through a foggy window. You may find it increasingly difficult to read, or drive (especially at night), or eventually even recognizing people’s faces can become a challenge.

Henderson Eye Care Clinic
Henderson Eye Care Clinic

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms at any level, do not delay in visiting Dr. Eng for Henderson eye disease testing. We can confirm a diagnosis of cataracts after a comprehensive eye examination at our office. If you are diagnosed with a cataract, you will be pleased to know that treatments for cataracts are known for being very safe and successful. It is likely Dr. Eng will recommend cataract surgery, in which the cloudy lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens, often giving patients even better vision than they had before the cataract’s development. We would be happy to give you a more personalized evaluation and treatment recommendation during your next visit to Dr. Eng’s office.

If you are interested in reading more about our Henderson eye disease testing services, or about any other information related to Dr. Eng’s practice, we encourage you to visit our main website where you can find some additional information that could potentially be useful to you. Should you have any lingering questions or concerns that you would like to discuss, do not hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful staff for assistance. We look forward to working with you, and hope you will visit us for some Henderson eye testing services soon.

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