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Eyes are an incredibly delicate part of the body and any conditions in the area should be treated with care by our Henderson Nevada eye doctor. Dry eye syndrome is common, especially among older adults, but can occur in most anyone. It happens when the eye produces insufficient tears or poor quality tears that fail to nourish the eye properly. A well-lubricated eye helps protect the eye from dust particles and acts as a shield against dirt and other harmful fragments that can scratch or injure the eye. Here at Joseph Eng, OD we have the knowledge and know-how to properly educate suffering patients regarding dry eye issues and effectively treat them.

89119 Eye Care
89119 Eye Care

This Henderson Nevada eye doctor can help your chronic dry eye condition. Dr. Eng has over twenty years experience as a practicing optometrist, and our other doctor, Dr. Tan, specializes in a number of eye related conditions, including dry eye syndrome. Either of our certified and experienced optometrists here at Joseph Eng, OD will give you a thorough eye exam to determine any eye conditions or vision problems. Eyes produce tears regularly and supply the eyeball with proper lubrication every time we blink our eyes. The production of these tears keeps eyes healthy by washing away any foreign matter such as dirt or dust particles, keeps the surface of the eye smooth and by doing so helps reduce the risk of infection and inflammation. When the tear ducts fail to produce enough tears or fail to produce good tear quality, the eyes become prone to infection and disease which can affect your comfort, overall health, and your vision.

After one of our Henderson Nevada eye doctors performs a comprehensive eye examination, we here at Joseph Eng, OD can then proceed to providing you with the necessary information and tools you need to counter this condition. Dry eyes can be caused by any number of things, including age, any prescription medications, and environmental conditions. Once you have discussed the possibilities inherent to your case, either Dr. Eng or Dr. Tan will provide you with the necessary treatment options to keep your eyes healthy and comfortable.

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