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Eastern Russell Henderson NV Lazy Eye

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Lazy Eye in Eastern Russell Henderson NV

Eastern Russell Henderson NV Lazy Eye
Eastern Russell Henderson NV Lazy Eye

If you are looking for an expert vision practice where you can bring your child in for a complete eye exam, including diagnosis and treatment of lazy eye, visit us at our optical practice, Joseph Eng, OD. Our Eastern Russell Henderson NV lazy eye optometrist will be able to diagnose and provide care for your child’s eye condition.

At our eye care practice, our two top-notch optometrists are Dr. Joseph K. Eng and Dr. Esther H. Tan. Kids can come to our practice to have complete eye exams. Amblyopia is a childhood eye condition that is referred to by many as “lazy eye.” This vision problem occurs when one of your child’s eyes does not develop the way it should. If this condition is left untreated for a long period of time, your child’s brain will begin to ignore the information that it receives from the weakened eye; this can permanently harm your child’s vision. The sooner amblyopia is diagnosed and treated, the more likely it is that the condition will be completely corrected. Amblyopia generally occurs when one eye is able to focus much better than the other eye can. Sometimes only one eye has astigmatism and the other doesn’t. Over years, your child’s vision will get worse. Sometimes if a child has eyes which do not line up correctly, known medically as strabismus, this can also lead to amblyopia. Other times, one eye is not getting enough light due to a cataract, or there is a small amount of blood in the back of the eye. There are several different methods of treating Eastern Russell Henderson NV lazy eye, which may include patching the strong eye for several hours a day. When your child is diagnosed and treated early for lazy eye, it is likely that he or she will regain their vision.

For diagnosis and treatment of your child’s Eastern Russell Henderson NV lazy eye, make an appointment to see our eye doctor.

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