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Contact Lenses in Enterprise
Contact Lenses in Enterprise

Making sure that you can see comfortably and clearly is a matter of taking care of your comfort as well as your health. Not being able to see well can definitely be annoying and it can inconvenience you and a number of different ways. But, it can also be potentially dangerous. If you cannot see well, then you might put yourself and others at risk when going about your every day life, whether you are operating a vehicle or simply walking around. In order to see the world around you with clarity and safety, it is important that you wear prescription lenses when you need them. If you happen to be interested in getting contact lenses in Enterprise, then Joseph Eng, OD is here to provide you with the contact lens exam and fitting that you need.

Even if you already have a vision impairment problem and if you already wear prescription eyeglasses, you still need a comprehensive contact lens exam and a fitting. Even though glasses and contacts both treat vision impairment problems by providing your eyes with prescribed magnified lenses to see through, they work in slightly different ways. Most vision impairments derive from imperfections or irregularities in the shape of the cornea. The cornea is a lot like the lens of the camera, and the clarity and curvature of the cornea affects the way that light passes through your eyes, thus affecting how clearly you see the world around you. Prescription eyeglasses and contacts help to make up for these differences by providing your eyes with an additional lens that is magnified to a certain degree, but since glasses and contacts rest at different distances from your eyes they require a slightly different prescription strengths. With the help of Joseph Eng, OD you will be able to determine what your contact lens prescription will be, as well as whether your eyes are suitable for wearing contact lenses to begin with. Certain people cannot wear contacts comfortably or even medically, whether they have a particular eye disease or condition, or if they have an infection or even corneal scarring. When it comes to getting contact lenses in Enterprise, Dr. Eng wants to make sure that all aspects of your health are looked at and taken care of first.

Once your contact lens prescription has been verified and you have been okayed for wearing contacts, then Joseph Eng, OD will move onto the contact lens fitting. A contact lens fitting allows you to sample a variety of different types and brands of contact lenses so that you can make an educated decision when it comes to choosing the lenses that you want to wear on a regular basis. If you happen to be in the market for contact lenses an Enterprise or if you need any other type of eye care or eye wear, then simply call us today and book an appointment with Dr. Eng.

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