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Best Eye Doctor in Winchester

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Eye Infection in Winchester

Best eye doctor in Winchester
Best eye doctor in Winchester

It is very common to develop an eye infection. If you wake up with pain in the eye, or other symptoms of eye irritation, you will want to meet with our best eye doctor in Winchester at our vision practice, Joseph Eng, OD.

Many patients come in to see us when they have eye infections. Sometimes an eye infection can be caused by contact lens wear. Keratitis is a common eye infection which can be caused by bacteria on the contact lens. Other times, a patient can develop an eye infection when they do not have clean hands when they insert their contact lenses into their eye. Eye infections also commonly occur in patients who do not wear contact lenses. Common symptoms of an eye infection may include: pain in the eye; a feeling that there is something in the eye which cannot be removed; increased sensitivity to light; a watery discharge from the eye; a yellow, green or bloodied discharge from the eye; increased redness of the eye or eyelid; a sore on the colored part of the eye; a fever; or decreased vision. When you experience symptoms of an eye infection, it is important to come in to see our best eye doctor in Winchester, Dr. Eng, for treatment. Our eye doctor will also be able to make sure that there is not a more serious reason for these eye problems. A patient can also get an eye infection when they have a minor eye injury, or a small scratch on the cornea. It is important that your eyes are treated immediately so that permanent vision damage does not occur.

If you have symptoms of an eye infection, contact our office for an immediate appointment to see our best eye doctor in Winchester. When it comes to having an eye infection, time is of the essence, and prompt diagnosis and treatment is necessary.

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